Family Golf

Family golf


Play golf with your family and have fun. Together with your family you can walk through beautiful rolling fairways and simply spend some quality time with each other. You can choose to learn golf in Family Golf Academy - (1- to 3-hour programs for families) or (if you are golfers) you can choose Family Golf Play Day to play golf together at Diners Club Ljubljana golf course. Diners Club Ljubljana golf course consists of six par-three holes, six par-four holes and six par-five holes. Every hole has four teeing areas: a white one, a yellow one, a red one and an orange (children’s) one. Two small lakes are located within the boundaries of the course, which is surrounded by forest edges. The playing fields, however, are broad and widely open, promising an enjoyable game for everyone, beginners included. One particular characteristic of the course as a whole are three large, dynamic and fast lawns; - another particularity of this golf course is a possibility to play golf at night as three of its holes nearest to the clubhouse as well as the driving range and putting green are lit by floodlights.


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The course is also located close to Ljubljana (capital city), where we can make a reservation for you according to your wishes.


If you don’t have or own equipment, that is perfectly alright. All you need to do is plan a little bit ahead before you play and our golf course personnel provides demo equipment for lessons and leagues.

Family Golf

1 to 6 hour programs


Price on request.


From April to October



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