Healthcare for women

Healthcare for women


In the health centre of DOBRNA THERMAL SPRINGS which is Slovenia’s oldest working health resort with over six hundred years of tradition, they have incorporated some of the health services into different programmes that they divide into preventive, curative, and relaxing. On the basis of 600 years of curative treatment tradition, in Dobrna Thermal Springs they have combined contemporary medical approachhes with natural resources.

The longest tradition of DOBRNA THERMAL SPRINGS is from the field of gynaecologic diseases treatment with natural and medical factors.

By the support of the balneal factors they have also developed a contemporary prevention and rehabilitation of motion system disorders.

With balneotherapies they achieve rapid and complete anatomic and functional recovery of affected organs.

The thermal water of DOBRNA THERMAL SPRINGS corresponds to the majority of visitors suffering from cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure.

In the health centre of DOBRNA THERMAL SPRINGS  have developed also for you:

  • preventive balneoclimatic programme,
  • programme ''with Kneipp towards the energy and health'',
  • rehabilitation of joint illness,
  • programmes for orthopaedic illness,
  • programmes for microcirculation disturbance treatment with hypobatric therapy,
  • preventive programme for diabetics,
  • osteoporosis prevention and treatment programe,
  • menopausal school,
  • antistress programmes with preventive checkups for managers,
  • slimming programmes,
  • programme of acupuncture…

The most distinctive natural factors of DOBRNA THERMAL SPRINGS are:

  • acratoisothermal water,
  • intact nature of medium height mountain forest climate with ideal conditions for bioclimatic healing,
  • natural organic and nonorganic peloids.


  • transfer from/to airport
  • hotel
  • one of the programme by your choice
  • 24 hours phone assistance


...In the HEALTH CENTRE complex there are dispensaries, laboratories, and a therapeutic centre. They also practise preventive examinations and checkups, consultations with specialists and additionaly some laboratory researches, bone tissue density measurements, ultrasound diagnostics and much more.

...Highly qualified staff is as well available to you at practicing and use of: kinezotherapies, electrotherapies,thermotherapies, magnetotherapies, hypobarictherapies for microcirculation disturbance treatment, lasertherapies and many more.

...The thermal water and its healing and preventive properties are used in marble thermal baths, pools, in herbal, swamp, fango baths, and at the preparation of fango swamp linings.  

...In the HEALTH CENTRE you can test and experience:

  • preventive life by Kneipp,
  • relaxing effects of Shaitsu massage and other massages,
  • the healing power of acupuncture,
  • the healing effects of muddy and swamp linings, and
  • aromatherapy.


All programmes are suitable for a minimum stay of 3 days



All programmes are suitable for a minimum stay of 3 days.


Starts from 890,00 € per week.


All year round



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