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University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia – Soča (URI SOČA) is a central national healthcare institution offering comprehensive rehabilitation to patients with functional and occupational disabilities. URI SOČA ranks among the most prominent central European rehabilitation centres. At secondary and tertiary healthcare levels, the professionals at the institute perform complex and demanding tasks in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, application of technical devices as well as occupational and employment rehabilitation.

A significant advantage of URI SOČA is comprehensive rehabilitation carried out with most up-to-date technology. The institute specializes in multidisciplinary treatment of patients (children and adults) with severe impairments of motor system resulting from spinal cord lesions, cerebral stroke and other cerebral diseases, rheumathological diseases, muscular and neuro-muscular diseases and multiple sclerosis. The European training centre certificate and its intensive activities in research and education have placed URI SOČA among the top-quality rehabilitation centres in Europe. The Certificate ISO 9001:2008 and accreditation DNV NIAHO ensure highest possible quality for the patients.

Successful high-quality application of medical technical devices is assured by the institute’s tradition and its professional and technical cooperation with renowned institutions around the world. Computer-assisted technologies enable the production of top-quality devices in the fields of prosthetics, orthotics and silicone technology.


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The clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation specializes in comprehensive in- and out-patient rehabilitation of adults and children with impairments of central and peripheral nervous systems, mobility-related body structures and functions, as well as in the treatment of patients with chronic pain and cancer. Our services include specialized examinations, assessment and diagnostics of locomotion (kinesiological diagnostics), neurophysiological and internal functional diagnostics, testing and prescription of specific assistive and rehabilitation devices, diagnostics and treatment of spasticity and pain, measurements of gait, posture and balance, isokinetic dinamometry, measurements of pressure in shoes, ultrasound, electrophysological examinations (EMG, EEG, SEP, MEP, sensorimetry), identification of peripheral vascular disease or venal disorders, exercise testing, ergospirometry and testing of respiratory functions, diagnostics of sacral functions, driving ability tests, psychological testing. Our work is based on complex methods from the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy as well as psychological, speech and social therapeutic treatment including counseling on adaptations of the patient's living environment and vehicle. We also carry out educational programs in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine, specialization and postgraduate training as well as internship of medical and other experts in the field of rehabilitation. Research is carried out in all the above-mentioned areas.


Our work is carried out in six departments, an out-patient rehabilitation unit and a unit for the rehabilitation of patients with muscular and neuromuscular diseases.

  • Department for rehabilitation of patients after amputation
  • Department for (re)habilitation of children
  • Department for rehabilitation of patients after injuries, with peripheral nervuos impairments and rheumatologic diseases
  • Department for rehabilitation of patients after traumatic brain injury, with multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases
  • Department fro rehabilitation of patients after stroke
  • Department for rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord lesions
  • Unit for rehabilitation of patients with muscular and neuromuscular diseases
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