Slovenia in the heart of Europe


Why visit?

In the heart of Europe where Alps meet Adriatic and the Pannonian Plain meets Karst lies Slovenia, a small, green, safe country. Slovenia is a city in miniature, with short distances, beautiful landscape, clean water, nice people and a wide range of winter and summer sports. Besides, the Alps, the Mediterranean sea, national parks and Postojna cave offer a great geographic variety as well.

Riding across Slovenia, you can get the feeling of having travelled through many different countries in a short period of time. In the southern part of the country, there is a remainder of primeval forest, while the sunny side of numerous hills in wine-growing region is covered with grapevine.

What to see?

Slovenian coast offers internationally known Salt pans of Sečovlje and a wonderful medieval city called Piran. The world beneath the Karst with thousands of caves is worldwide known for its unique and incomparable beauty.

Slovenia is rich in healing springs, which is why we have a time-honoured tradition of natural health resorts that offer plenty of opportunities for invigoration of body and mind, whether it is relaxation in a thermal spa, getting a massage or going to sauna. The use of thermal springs and the development of health tourism are present in Slovenia since Roman times. Slovenia has an impressive number – nothing less than 87 – natural thermal springs with temperature ranging from 32 to 73 degrees Celsius.

Another important mark of diversity in Slovenia are its waters. As far as water is concerned, Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe. Numerous springs, rivers and lakes are still clean and drinking water from the tap is safe.

Ljubljana, the capital city, offers everything major metropolitan cities do, with one great advantage: here a person can walk around at night and still feel safe. The city is also free of any two-lane roads.


Slovenia is a safe country. Wherever you are, even late at night in the cities, there is no cause for concern.


All these natural gifts offer plenty of options for outdoor activities. You can, for example, ski in the mountains in the morning, walk around the Adriatic sea beach or get spoiled in baths in the eastern Slovenia in the afternoon and, in spite of the full schedule, still find the time for some fine cuisine in the evening.

There are also many sport activities you can take part in: from skiing and cross-country skiing in winter, to swimming, biking and mountain climbing in warm months.

Whatever type of vacation you desire: sports, spa, culture, excellent cuisine or relaxation, Slovenia has it all!


By plane

The Ljubljana Airport is Slovenia's primary international airport, which handles every day flights to numerous cities across Europe.

The airport in Klagenfurt, Austria, is also an option. The Italian Treviso Airport, serving Venice, Treviso and Trieste offers alternative entry points to Slovenia.

By train

Slovenian railways are well connected to all neighbouring countries.

By bus

Ljubljana Bus Station provides information on international and airport bus services.

Slovenia Facts
Official name

Republic of Slovenia



Official language



20,256 sq km

Total population

App. 2 mio inhabitants

Ethnic composition

Slovene (91%), Croat (3%), Serb (2%), Muslim (1%),
other (3%)

Religious affiliation

Roman Catholic (96%),
Muslim (1%),Other (3%)

Monetary unit

Euro €

Form of goverNment

emerging democracy